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Saturday, May 31, 2008

yeahh rriite....

i wonder y people luv blogging..n among ma friends, sem break=enjoy writing blogs!
n i...never thought i can have one! ahah! i hate 2 write, i hate 2 think when im writing n i even hate people's impression bout ma blog..poyo la..gewdix..biase la.. manusia=negative thinking..

then, what made me to have a blog?haha!
fariza wanted 2 read ma blog last nite.well, she's 1 of ma friend..
i said i don have any! then she gave sum thoughts n it opened ma mind..

so...tarrraaaaaa....tis is ma blog!ngee~

so..frens..do read ma blog..
really welcome any constructive critics..
n..kutuk la kalau nk kutuk sgt kann..

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