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Saturday, October 3, 2009

<3 A.C.E.R <3

we will never know wats gonna happen in d future. get through it, then we'll know wat had happened and soon after that, d reason it happened is finally reveal.

i never like d place i did my internship. NEVER EVER. i never tot of cuming back. for not being jobless after grad i mean. but its ok to visit.juz did dat yesterday.

well dats wat i was thinking last 3 months. but today, d reason finally got through my mind, my heart.deep inside. i got 4 gurls different ages,different races, different cultures. yea we might be diff in every way. but we believe in one. WE LOVE EACH OTHER.

d one dat i call mommy. Ms Amelia Loh. 27. frankly to say..shes d most understanding person ive ever met. i like when she starts to nag. n miraculously, i listen to wat she said.seatbelt.no "f" word. drive safely. n yea. im now a better driver.haha. Ms. Collin Lee. 24. mommy after mommy.hehe.shes d cutest. she will listen til i finish my words.if theres sumtin i did hurts her, she wont fight wif words, but wif emotions. quiet. but we realize it few weeks b4 i ended my internship. Ms Nirupa. 23. once she laughs, she wont stop. very comitted . lovely caring polite. n lastly, Ms Esther Tang. 22. she said i am her closest malay friend. n we most of d time having kinda same similar probs. yea. words bloom from 4 months friendship. hope its gonna b forever. cz i m about to needthem for dat long.

so, thanks to god. n thanks to sunway medical for meeting me wif them. i love u guys.

recently, fb friend list juz attracted me to click on it. sumone deleted me from her fb. made me wonder. wut i did wrong. i knew her from a close friend of mine. but we use to eat together during recess time back at school. few times. its not dat i simply added her as friend in fb as soon as i read her profile stated " Education : SMK Sultan Badlishah". i mean. i know her.really.

my point is. friends come n go. i will definitely luv new friends. but i wont hate friends who went off saying nothing. friends are friends. to A.C.E.R, tis friendship, i will take extra care of it. cz i want it to b long lasting.i mean it.

Saturday, May 30, 2009


ini adalah fariza zainul abidin.
my best friend ever.
currently in newcastle.
studyin biomedic.xsilap.hehe~
urm..mcm mane kenal die?
actually, die ni kinda famous kt skul dlu..
so, since f1 pn dh taw sape fariza.
but dat time, die ni mcm kerek je..
nak2 plak..top student..
so xbp nk bekenan le time tu..
(fariza, jgn mrh..take a deep breath..haha)
masuk f4..we were in d same class.
so, mase mule2 kenal..
not bad jugak die ni rupenye.
so lps tu..kitorg pn kwn2..
wlupn ak ni jahat..kwn gk die ngn aku.
hehe~~ and, we both lurvvvv gayot2.
kadang2 boleh sembg berjam2.
n tomoro, jmpe kt klas. weird kan?
2009, its d 5th year kitorg dh kwn.
yerp.mmg xsangka.
die baek. die cantek. die paaaaandai.no doubt.
die a good listener. die akn dgr all my probs.die akn bagi good advice.
die ade ngn aku when im sad,when im happy.
thanx fariza. all tis years..uve been a good friend to me.
really hope dat were gonna b friend forever and ever.
lurv u..mis u!
cant wait to see u.
tis is my temporary present 4 u.
shows dat, aku xlupe ur bday.hhe~
its on 31st May. im juz a lil advance.haha!
to fariza


may god bless u. hope u gonna hv better years ahead.

love u soooooo much! mmmuah!


Sunday, May 24, 2009

a working life...

tis is where i work.
but speficically, im in laboratory department.
hehe..its juz a small room..
smaller then DK130BB in FST.
haha haha haha!
Sunway Medical Centre, Subang Jaya.
gonna spend tis 2 months there.
1st 2 week of working,
i was in haematology department.
sumting to do wif blood..n a lil bit of urine.
it was sooooo boring.
as they can never giv me anything to do.
afraid that im gonna do mistake.
its a private hospital.
everything has 2 b perfect.
as they wanna maintain their reputation.
start working at 830.
keep looking at the clock.
bile laaa nk pukol 5.30 ni.
time passed so slow..
day by day..
its getting interesting..
kak sapiah, d hod..
she taught me all those things in dat department.
she allowed me to do ESR.
Erithrocyte sedimentation rate measurement.
also dengue tests.
i did sum filing works also.
mismatched d patients' forms wif d result printed..
but yeeah..klu byk sample..ok la.
klu xde sample..mmg bosan.
slalunyer..when its near to 3pm..
dh mmg jarang ade sample.
tomoro..i'll be in chemistry department.
gonna do g6pd test..n so on.
looking 4ward.
hopefully xsusah nk cope..
n hopefully d people there gonna b nice.
6 weeks left.
dh xlame.
saba mia..saba...
cz i miss d life of student.
rase nk study smpi biler2.
sbb working life is tiring.
eventhough xbwat ape2 pn.
duduk meleperkan punggung (pnat sayas..)
tp bile blk rumah, surely tired ggler.
to fariza..tis is my update.hehe!
actually, tis is only a piece of my experience.
working in 2 weeks. :p
gonna write again after 2 weeks.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

iNdUsTrIaL tRaInInG

11th May 2009
1st day of my training. im gonna start working.
which really makes me nervous. haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa~~~
can't stop thinking.
whenever my brain start to think bout training, surely my heart beat faster.
read fariza's post bout she working at d lab.
well, mase die story bout dat job, im happy 4 her.
she got it. she gonna hv a real great experience.
but she's good doww.. i know she can handle it well.
now..she ended her job. im starting my job.
im nervous nervous nervous nervous.
i dont know wat 2 do. wat to say. how to react.me alone.
wuuuuaaaaa!!!! im nervous. againnn...
fariza, help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wut shud i do. help help help!

Thursday, May 7, 2009


am i a friend to u? or more?
peningnye bile pk psl hal ni.
i need sumting real.
sumting to hold.

i miss em!

tis post shows how bored i am.
start to miss my friend.
start to appreciate.
how lucky i am 2 hv a kampung.
2 hv a place 4 me to go back..
to visit..when there is break.
tis break, im not goin back.
since my practical starts on 11th.
watchin my friends leavin me..
sendin them to stations..
sayin them gudbye..
hug them..b4 they're leavin..
its kinda makin me sad.
to be honest, i start to miss them already.
2months gona b a looong time.
witout seeing each other,
july must be an awaiting month for us.
i guess.duhh~~haha!
tis sem is d bes sem ive ever had.
d things dat all biochemists and i went through.
sumhow make me wonder.
how happy i am being one of em.
2 all 2nd year bichemistry students..
gudluck for ur industrial training.
tis is d time where we can show to em how gud we r.
see u guys in july..
DONT MISH ME! haha~ggler~


Sunday, May 3, 2009

2nd tImE aRoUnD..

my mom said..
" mira..slalunye..2nd time around will be much more easier than d 1st time"

1. utk bukak ati kali ke2, susah nye teramat. 2 tahun untuk accomplish methodology pembukaan ati. allah je yg tahu. tp bile dh berjaya bukak, disakiti balik. ya allah. silapnye keputusan ak. ak dh silap pilih jln.

2. ak kecewa utk kali ke2 nye. which is sgt saket. saket yg teramat2. smpi skunk pn, xde sape yg phm kekecawaan aku kecuali allah. saket nye lebih dr saket 1st time. tmbh lg dgn kwn2 around me. i hv to act as usual. lg saket. xtngnye ati.

2. gagal time spm. fulamik. susahnye nk trime. besusah payah usaha. siang mlm study. wlupun slalu je skip skul. masuk mtrix xikhlas lgsung. ak bgn. gagal lagi kat uni. susahnye nk bgn. susaah sgt. jauh dgn family bwt pembgn jd lagi susah. tp, im here. akhirnye ak bgn. (byk nye perkataan bgn?haha haha haha)

3. ak org pendendam. ye. smpi skunk, aina nurulyatie..name yg xpnh ak sebut setelah 5 tahun ak putus kwn ngn die. 2nd chance mmg xdpt ak nk bg kt die. she asked 4 it. tp ak xbleh. im sorry aina. its me. its d way i treat things. susahnye utk ak bg 2d chance tuk die.

4. alex. even die dh single. even die bg hint utk relate balik ngn ak. tp, susahnye utk trime die balik."tis is my new no." tp, xpnh ak cntact die. egonye ak. sorry. sememangnye ak mmg susah utk hadapi 2nd time. serik. serik sgt2.

hurm..klu nk list sume event..sume things dat happened to me 4 d 2nd time around...mmg byk.
tp motif ak utk post ni adelah...2nd time around will never be easy. never. its sumtime harder than d 1st. betol mak. maybe time revolves. zaman mak..2nd time akn jadi sgt sng. zaman mira..sgt2 susah. anak mak skunk ni tgh susah. giving people 2nd chance, 2nd time, mmg susah.friends..u guys agree wif me kan??

Saturday, March 7, 2009


while fariza is having a hard time missing sumone....
im having a damn time doing midterm tests..hehe..
juz finished 4 papers..n d las one wil be tis sunday...
hell biometry and experimental design paper.
my lecturer ckp die dh book d venue earlier..tp suddenly ckp xde tpt nk bwat.
n sunday hari final utk bwat midterm test. wtf man..
sorry dr fazly. its ur fault.
n i dun understand even a single word u were talking bout kt depan tuh.huh..
so, tis saturday..im struggling by myself to get sumthing valuable from ur lecture notes, dr.

n, ur damn excel assignment..."really help" us..yarrrrite...
wish me luck, friends!
-study mode-


Friday, February 13, 2009

l0s!nG a FriEnd...

i got to know shalini a/p suppaya since i was in f1 d..but, xde la berkawan sgt time tu. well, masuk f4, we were both in d same class..so started dr situ, br betol2 kenal sape shalini ni actually.. a cheerful nice girl. thats wut i kno. xtaw la die yg sbnrnye cmne. coz i didnt get to really be closed to her as naek f5, ak got transferred into another diff class..
mlm ni, ive been informed..d death of her..wut a shocking news. she met wif an accident on her way to jb tis late morning. tragis betol. sedih giler. another fren of mine yg tgglkan dunia ni. sok, her funeral will be in Kulim, at 2pm.
rase satu perasaan yg xdpt nk digmbrkn. bile kwn yg sebaya dgn ak, dh xde.n ak akan wondering..bile plak time aku...ya allah...
so, ill be missing shalini. she'll be in my memory.


Saturday, January 24, 2009

kEtid@kB0leh@n beRsU@r@..

tidur xckup absolutely merencat d flow of my hormone..cause me mouth defectiveness.haha!
tis sem, class starts at 8 almost everyday..except tuesday..itupn pukul 9 taw.
haihh...bile klas kol 8, ak smmgnye kne wake up at 530.paling lewat. lebih dari tu, mmg xsmpt smpi.
tidor plak lmbt. assignment yg bertimbun...soalan2 terjah datin ainon yg mmbuatkan ak bsengkang mata nk bace balik lecture notes yg lpas..lab report yg xsudah2..gertakan2 lecturer bout mid sem test..mmkse aku utk x boleh nk tidor awal. 19 unit seminggu mmg penat.
mata mmg bengkak la. ditkdirkan, dmm kura2 yg truk 2-3 hari lps, mata aku jd lg truk. batuk2, effect larynx ak. suare ttbe jd cm jantan pulak..
mcm2 yg jd dlm 1st 2-3 weeks ni. buat aku malaassss nk bckp bnde yg bkn2 n nk melayan kerenah sorg kwn aku yg mmg ak xlarat nk lyn pn. tah nape, dgn die ak xleh nk besuare. wlupun larynx ak sihat walafiat..mulut ak xleh nk bkak mcm mane tebukaknye mulut aku klu dgn org2 laen.
tah makin lame, ak tgk die skunk lg brubah. gedik ya rabbi la. makin2 laaa btmbah nye. dh pndai pki bj pendek atas punggung. pki tudung atas dada. not a normal thing for an ex 'tuut' student. ape yg aku tkut? "mia la yg aja die. sape lg.." i get d blame. which i actually not deserve.n tis is too complicated until i couldnt say anything. until i feel like juz to let it be. bwat la ape yg ko suke. ckp la ape yg ko nk. ak dh xlarat.bialah ape org nk pk.
ketidakbolehan bersuara sbnrnye bkn sbb org laen.its myself. ak smakin kurg bckp. maybe kwn2 baru aku xpasan bnda ni. actually guys, i talked a lot more..pok pek pok pek lagi byk2 dulu klu nk bnding pok pek pok pek skrg.haha..pok?pek? thats fatin's hamters' name..!haha..
wut happen to me?i dunno. maybe prubahan hormon kot. xpn, i hv matured..he..
but..masuk sem ni..i got a lil bit closer tu my coursemates since masing dh bwat majoring. ayrin..zaza..nisa..ijan..n raaaamai lg. br taw yg diorg mmg slumber je mcm ak sbnrnye. so now, lab practical xsesunyi dulu..skunk dh sgt bising dan kdg2 kelam kabut. like that chaos actually. at least xde la mcm dlu. i still remmber lab microbiology.lab genetics.yg sgt sunyi..masign2 ckp ngn lab partner sndiri je.masuk 2nd year..lab TDR, lab microbial genetics..it became a lil bit cheerful..skrg..xpyh ckp.haha!love seeing d progress of relationships.
haih..lately, love to talk bout friends. tah. ttbe je. and recently, rase nk sgt jmpe dgn org yg namenye arzieyanti. missing her. to my friends...luv u guys verrryyy much.
without friends, wut life is for..


Friday, January 9, 2009

bRainN dIsrUptI0n..lAck 0F idEa..

haha..lotz of things happened to me lately..
until my brain juz cant work well..ngee~~
impuls lmbat smpi..maybe neurons aku xbfungsi dgn lncar..
ape yg aku merepek ni. sbnrnye nk ckp..
ak xde idea langsung nk tulis blog skunk.
seriously, not updating my blog is not becoz im busy since new sem dh start..
tp mmg xde idea nk post ape2.last nite, ive been in front of my laptop 4 2 hours..
perah otak..cari motif..n i created 4-5 title..tp xde isi.haha..
mcm bwat essay plak.
i dunno..lately, ati rase xsedap. bwat ape pn xkena. otak rase jammed. tido pn xlena. selera? uish..yg tu xde mslh.ahaha..
gonna rest tis weekend. nk tngkan fikiran..jiwa..haha.looks like everything dh setel..
tggl nk g kelas, bwat test, bwat quiz..for another 6 months. so, nk kne kmpul strength cukup2.
i read one of my friend's post. about missing her friends..i miss my friends too. suddenly, 2-3 ari lepas..trgt sgt kwn2 kt skul dlu. kwn2 yg dh laaaame ak xjmpe. dr drjah 1 smpi f5, ive been studying in 5 schools. terbyg muke kwn2 aku. eventhough i juz spent a week kt sultanah asma..muka2 kwn2 aku still bleh igt. kwn2 badlishah lg la ak igt. haizz..hope dpt jumpe semua kwn2 aku.
tgk. merepek2, pnjg plak post aku. sori guys. tis is a crass post.wut ever it is, thanx for reading.hahahaha...c ya!