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Friday, February 13, 2009

l0s!nG a FriEnd...

i got to know shalini a/p suppaya since i was in f1 d..but, xde la berkawan sgt time tu. well, masuk f4, we were both in d same class..so started dr situ, br betol2 kenal sape shalini ni actually.. a cheerful nice girl. thats wut i kno. xtaw la die yg sbnrnye cmne. coz i didnt get to really be closed to her as naek f5, ak got transferred into another diff class..
mlm ni, ive been informed..d death of her..wut a shocking news. she met wif an accident on her way to jb tis late morning. tragis betol. sedih giler. another fren of mine yg tgglkan dunia ni. sok, her funeral will be in Kulim, at 2pm.
rase satu perasaan yg xdpt nk digmbrkn. bile kwn yg sebaya dgn ak, dh xde.n ak akan wondering..bile plak time aku...ya allah...
so, ill be missing shalini. she'll be in my memory.