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Friday, July 25, 2008

another journey turns up!

new sem..new lecturers.. n again, d same members...
its juz goin 2 b tougher than before...

lots to play wif dna..plasmid..and all sorts of that.
sumtin that i would never imagine..
never tot to b a scientist..never EVER!

but..the longer ive been in tis field..i mean 'damn' science thing..
the more i feel my passion is really into music.
hah! of course got noting to do wif singing..
obviously, not my talent at all!
(showtimes are only in d toilet!haha!)

but life has to go on..
proceed wif wut im doin..
n try to grab wut i really wana do.
4 sure,no supportive thing from ma mom! (u knew it!)

tis another journey..hope it will b easier 4 me..
wif a little extra package, hope it will help me goin thru those things.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

urghhh...tis is wut i hate!

3rd may..juz finished ma final exam..
but i met wif an xcident tat day. injured la sket n yg penting..
ma sis meletopp..her car kann..d only asset tat she got.
3k for fixing tat lil greeny savvy...

1st June rumah kne pecah!
adess...always heard bout it..never tot to ever face tis situation at all...
but..how unlucky i was!
tah bangla ke.. indon mane tah yang xmalu masuk umah aku..
n curi brg2 dlm umah aku!
15-17k 4 d missing things..

can u imagine, even a bday mug..present from ma fren pn die amek.
sure nk bukak kedai runcit tapi xcukup modal!hahh!
n d most precious thing 4 me..
bracelet yg ma cousin gave to me.
brg2 ma bro jgn cakapla.. lcd worth 5k dia angkut..
n even xbox pn..

2 days after dat..trus me,ma bro n ma sis moved in to a new house..
a condo with a strict security guard..near sg buloh.
costs us 3k-4k to really move out completely..

i was very excited to start d break actually..
after all d hardwork n no social thing i did along the sem..
(except 4 d art festival..haha)
n for tis 2 months break..
things happened 2 me.. really made a change.
change to ma life..maself..ma family.. ma mind..
a change, but in every way!

tis new sem, new life, new me.
really mish ma frens..
thanx 2 them.. their supports really make a sense..
really help me in many ways..

to ayie,faizi,anis,cah,ain, mimi.....
millions thanx 2 u guys!
frenship 4eva!