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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

my bad~

i lack in many ways.

1. im bad in making decision.

KMK couldnt help. i juz sucks in tis kinda thing. i dunno which one is the right decision. never get to think which is d best. i manage myself. since ive been studying here..i made decision for myself. any consequeces..i'll take it by myself too. i truly say...making d right decision is juz my weakness. n d best part is..i juz realized bout it. some one i really care..im in love wit..made me think of it.huhu~sorry..

2. im bad in expressing wat im thinking.my thoughts.

hell yeah. tis one. kills me. i sometimes express my thoughts in a wrong way..dunno how to make a right sentence. to put words juz exactly as wut i think.its hardddddd~seriously. n ya..people do misunderstood my words. kdg2 boleh bwt gaduh ok. i hate it. sorry again.

3. im too care. care for people i love.

my biggest weakness. people said..im too kind. too nice. d thing is..i couldnt resist people's wishes..n i keep on thinking of their reaction if i did burden em. penat ke x..ok ke x..kecik hati ke x..i sometimes think of sumtin dat doesnt happen pun. padahal org lain ok je. ak je yg byk fikir. sorry..

4. tend to create conflicts.

i dun like conflict.hate it. it spoils my mood everytime it happens. but i tend to create dat kind of situation. i dunno y. i jz couldnt explain more bout tis. i jz dun understand myself bout tis kinda thing. b, if its always happen..n im d one who always created tis..im sorry..its out of my mind. sorry..

there's alot more. people says.. each person has got their own good n their own bad. use d good in a right way..n change the bad to be not so bad. hehehe~ but its juz me. mia mmg cm ni.
"our strength grows out of our weaknesses. "

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

tak fahammm~

kenape la...semua benda yg aku buat..asyik salah je kat mata org???
padahal bile difikirkan, benda tu tak salah pon...

kenape la...susah sgt nk puaskan ati org???
sebab ak dh xlarat asyik puaskan ati org..ati sndri xpuas2..

kenapa la org susah sgt nk faham aku???
padahal ak cukup menjaga n try nk memahami setiap org yg ade kt skeliling aku..
bukan nk harapkan balasan..tp sblm menghukum aku...fikirla ape yg aku dh bwt..

fullstop. lupekan! weeeeeeeeeeee~~~~

aku bz dan akan bz smpi 26hb ni.
bz lebih dr cosmate2 yg laen. i got extra 3 papers.
14,19,20,21,22 and 26! bederet2...xtaw nk study cmne dah..
kwn2..sorry klu dlm time2 cmni..xdpt nk spend time ngn korg sgt..
ive been sitting n studying like hell in d library smpi malam.
lpas exam.........kite lepak same2 eh~~~
luv u guys! muahhh!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

running out of time~

erk! actually ak kne siapkan my 2nd draf untuk disubmit kt PM hasidah tomorrow morning.
byk lg sbnrnye. 20/30 page. banyaaaaaaaak...
nak cari journal..gune scholar mmg la hampeh..
portal journal xleh nk bukak plak. dari smlm aku cube.

ok2.dah! back to work!

p/s : ak share one pic ok. erythrocytes infected wif malaria parasites. tis is wat ive been studying all this while..ohh...

Thursday, April 1, 2010

a flashback

when i think of d present..i flashback d past.
how my life changed..
how im afraid to lose..
scared of losing everything that i hv rite now.
im staying up. never got a chance to sleep tightly.
at tis kinda time..
wif d help of solat sunat..
i sit back. hoping for a calmness of mind..
forgetting d thesis..n flashing back.
comparing...n dreaming for d future..
my tears fell down tis evening..
watching d word Allah in front of me..
yup. i cried a lot. lately.
thanx Allah. for granted me everything.
health..and happiness..
and nikmat..ujian..
coz it made me stonger. to face d world.
for giving me family.. and friends..
and d one..mohd nasir salleh..
who love me d way i am..
those people might be tired seeing me crying.
sorry and thanx. for me..i need to cry. let it out. and move on.
dats d way people. dats how i make myself strong.
take note amira amran.
but..whatever it is. redha is d best way makcik! hehe~
ade hikmah disebalik semua kejadian...

ok! back to thesis thingy!
gudnyte folks!
luv ya!

p/s : kantoi solat asar lame sgt..hehe~