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Thursday, April 1, 2010

a flashback

when i think of d present..i flashback d past.
how my life changed..
how im afraid to lose..
scared of losing everything that i hv rite now.
im staying up. never got a chance to sleep tightly.
at tis kinda time..
wif d help of solat sunat..
i sit back. hoping for a calmness of mind..
forgetting d thesis..n flashing back.
comparing...n dreaming for d future..
my tears fell down tis evening..
watching d word Allah in front of me..
yup. i cried a lot. lately.
thanx Allah. for granted me everything.
health..and happiness..
and nikmat..ujian..
coz it made me stonger. to face d world.
for giving me family.. and friends..
and d one..mohd nasir salleh..
who love me d way i am..
those people might be tired seeing me crying.
sorry and thanx. for me..i need to cry. let it out. and move on.
dats d way people. dats how i make myself strong.
take note amira amran.
but..whatever it is. redha is d best way makcik! hehe~
ade hikmah disebalik semua kejadian...

ok! back to thesis thingy!
gudnyte folks!
luv ya!

p/s : kantoi solat asar lame sgt..hehe~


farhanasumiran said...

kamoo sgt sweet!!

Norlin Sabuti said...

terbaek la mia~!!!!
i like this entry!!!!

::MieraRan:: said...

muhasabah diri..

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