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Monday, November 24, 2008

dAnieLLa aLIsya....

ooo..i hate my lappy. i couldnt upload any of my photos and and its juz make me damn mad!!! haha!today, ak curik2 gne my bro pny laptop..n upload all pics. kire mcm lpas geram la kan.ngee~~i adopted a cat last 2 weeks..we named her alisya..oo i kno it doesn't make sense..ltak nama manusia kt kucing..but its wut my sis wanted to..daniella alisya is d name for her daughter to be..dh xsaba sgt kot..so she decided to give it to d cat. i'll show u guys some pics of her keh.

i lurrrvvv my cat! at least i got sum1 waiting 4 me to come home. well, finally i got a cat lepas puas memujuk sis aku. luv u alisya!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

At lAsT!

hum..i've been very busy lately. wif all kind of stuffs la. finals,my practical training,my newly adpoted cat lar...mcm2! smpi xsempat nk update my blog. after a month, here i am..wif a lil post. at last!haha...well, now im soooo relax..watching AF3 concerts 3 times a day..almost everyday..i don want to. i never like AF.never ever. but i have to. its like u sit in front of d tv....press d info button..without any feeling. n then press d OK button, at 112 channel. its Variasi channel. shows tis all reality shows by Astro. but, recently..it showed proggrammes all....about MAWI! urghh..im sick of mawi. my sis said, its becoz he's getting married soon. so its like kinda tribute to mawi thingie. wtf??!!

u kno..doin notin, make us think bout wut we usually do on those days..on d days dat we can never had a chance to rest..i oways think bout my lab practicals. which taught me bout..how to do extraction, purification, digestion and manipulation of plasmids n genome la. n then..cloning, PCR, southern blotting..western blotting..northen blotting..its kinda fun. but it takes time.can u imagine..spent 9-5 in a lab..doin only few methods..add tis..incubate that..take hours u kno.so..in between of d methods..mcm2 la bleh bwat.

today, i read a post in fariza's blog. she wrote bout western blotting n n copied few photos captured by her friend in d lab. can see la..fariza talked wif her partner..fariza doin notin..(berangan la tuh!haha)..her friends chatting2..hah!now i realized, im not d one yg sgt boring dok dlm lab while waiting 4 d PCR or wutever things.haha!!!we face d same thing fariza....wakaka!!
fariza oso suggested me to view tis 1 video..PCRsong video..haha!!dats a fuuny video lar..there are few scientists sing a song bout PCR,deanturing la..annealing la...extending la..n one of them is holding tis thermocycler! wahahaha!!thats d hilarious part! thanx fariza 4 tis funny video!hehe~~~

huahhh...yesterday i went to Border..bought some books la..to read. i dun hv much money so i only bought series of litte black dress. one for 19.90.haha!now im reading "my three husband" by adam swanson.ok la..bleh la nk bwat tido kan..biase r, novel murah. but at least, i hv different thing to do besides watching AF3 concerts kn?haha!! eventhough i seems like not loving my break time..but i actually do! i luv holiday time!!! try to get enough rest..save enough enery 4 d next 6 month..huhu~~~
HAPPY HOLIDAY, my friends! enjoy ur break time!
n 4 fariza.......enjoy ur lab keh! muuaaahhh!!!