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Sunday, December 21, 2008


adeh..lame btol xupdate blog.
juz came back from trip to beijing and shanghai.
today br smpi umah, n nk balik kulim hari ni jugak.
kempunan sambal udang mak aku.hahahaha...
gonna update later kawan2...
mis u all!

Monday, November 24, 2008

dAnieLLa aLIsya....

ooo..i hate my lappy. i couldnt upload any of my photos and and its juz make me damn mad!!! haha!today, ak curik2 gne my bro pny laptop..n upload all pics. kire mcm lpas geram la kan.ngee~~i adopted a cat last 2 weeks..we named her alisya..oo i kno it doesn't make sense..ltak nama manusia kt kucing..but its wut my sis wanted to..daniella alisya is d name for her daughter to be..dh xsaba sgt kot..so she decided to give it to d cat. i'll show u guys some pics of her keh.

i lurrrvvv my cat! at least i got sum1 waiting 4 me to come home. well, finally i got a cat lepas puas memujuk sis aku. luv u alisya!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

At lAsT!

hum..i've been very busy lately. wif all kind of stuffs la. finals,my practical training,my newly adpoted cat lar...mcm2! smpi xsempat nk update my blog. after a month, here i am..wif a lil post. at last!haha...well, now im soooo relax..watching AF3 concerts 3 times a day..almost everyday..i don want to. i never like AF.never ever. but i have to. its like u sit in front of d tv....press d info button..without any feeling. n then press d OK button, at 112 channel. its Variasi channel. shows tis all reality shows by Astro. but, recently..it showed proggrammes all....about MAWI! urghh..im sick of mawi. my sis said, its becoz he's getting married soon. so its like kinda tribute to mawi thingie. wtf??!!

u kno..doin notin, make us think bout wut we usually do on those days..on d days dat we can never had a chance to rest..i oways think bout my lab practicals. which taught me bout..how to do extraction, purification, digestion and manipulation of plasmids n genome la. n then..cloning, PCR, southern blotting..western blotting..northen blotting..its kinda fun. but it takes time.can u imagine..spent 9-5 in a lab..doin only few methods..add tis..incubate that..take hours u kno.so..in between of d methods..mcm2 la bleh bwat.

today, i read a post in fariza's blog. she wrote bout western blotting n n copied few photos captured by her friend in d lab. can see la..fariza talked wif her partner..fariza doin notin..(berangan la tuh!haha)..her friends chatting2..hah!now i realized, im not d one yg sgt boring dok dlm lab while waiting 4 d PCR or wutever things.haha!!!we face d same thing fariza....wakaka!!
fariza oso suggested me to view tis 1 video..PCRsong video..haha!!dats a fuuny video lar..there are few scientists sing a song bout PCR,deanturing la..annealing la...extending la..n one of them is holding tis thermocycler! wahahaha!!thats d hilarious part! thanx fariza 4 tis funny video!hehe~~~

huahhh...yesterday i went to Border..bought some books la..to read. i dun hv much money so i only bought series of litte black dress. one for 19.90.haha!now im reading "my three husband" by adam swanson.ok la..bleh la nk bwat tido kan..biase r, novel murah. but at least, i hv different thing to do besides watching AF3 concerts kn?haha!! eventhough i seems like not loving my break time..but i actually do! i luv holiday time!!! try to get enough rest..save enough enery 4 d next 6 month..huhu~~~
HAPPY HOLIDAY, my friends! enjoy ur break time!
n 4 fariza.......enjoy ur lab keh! muuaaahhh!!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

fAculty oF mINd...

i was too obedient. i followed wut my mom wanted me to be. well, i would like to be a journalist. that was my ambition. my dream. and it still be my dream. until now. kadang2 terkilan jugak. frust sgt, bila terfikir balik. when i told tis story to my frens, they would say " knapa x go on je? knapa ikut sgt mak ko?"

hum, it wasn't easy actually. tp aku understand why people are sayin it. recently, aku chatting wif 1 old friend. shes kinda good friend to me before. when i still studying kt badlishah.haha! i think u guys can guess it. hum..she is a masscomm student. a senior year student. goin to be a journalist in a short time. i dun care bout it. its her luck.

but wut i coudn't stand is, die brag. brag yg bukan2 plak tu.

sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:10): ha jap nk gtau
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:12): ahad hari tu aku gi melodi
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:21): jumpa fara fauzana,wahid and nabil
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:32): masa tgh on air tu kitorang ade
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:45): bes wo
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:46): hehe
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:54): ni yg bestnya jadi masscommers

ok..perlu ke untuk ckp besar cmtu?? 4 syariza..if u didn't mean to say that..its ok. cuma ak sikit tersinggung..i've been thinking bout ur words for days..i try to convince maself. "oo..she didn't mean it..yeah..she didn't!".ko buat mass comm..and aku buat biochemistry. its our own way.my brain, ur brain..those are different.u dont have to brag like that. n my mind kept wondering why would u do like that.i never do it to others coz i thought, im not the greatest one. ade yg fly smpi ke russia..england..studying medical..all sorts of that..they never mention.

fyi, ive met alot of artists. more than wahid, fafau, nabil.. since sis aku, is a journalist.so, ak xnk ckp besar.malas. sorry syariza. u r my fren. u r "sejahtera".whom i love all d time.hope u didn't change.it just that, aku sikit terasa n tersinggung. kite ikut jalan kita, face our own life. thats it. ak redha, ak xdpt capai my dream. but im happy now.eventhough the frustated is still there, but im happy dgn the way i am.happy dgn wut im having rite now.

~malayneum by butterfingers~

"experiment a little bit

ur blood is red mine is too

ur brain is cornybut mine is worthy

just deal with it right away

deal with it the right way "

~peace no war~


Sunday, October 19, 2008

sHoppIn Is kiLlin' mE!

ats sum reasonable reason. aku a lil bit "mewah"...compared to others. if not, time2 cmni, mmg kne puase. ptptn will never enough for ma life along d semester...serious. bukan aku je k. mane cukup! i go shopping. luv to shop! byk kali plak tu!so now, thats how it relates. mewah....plus suke shopping.... ah, perasaan yg sgt bagus!

Fariza said, shopping is d best therapy! yup! agree! hehe....but she can lock herself in her room and save up after spending lotz. me? i cant!!!! now thats d prob! i'll keep maself shopping all d time. meaning all d time man... awal bulan. middle ke, hujung bulan ke..tp bukan sengaja. mmg..niat nk save lpas shopping yg terlalu byk. tp after some days..went out and beli lagi! beli lagi! beli lagi! and tis is killin me!

las friday, went out by maself. to d curve. bli, jeans...shirts..
hehe..byk lg sbnrnye. tp xbrani nk list out. censored sket. takut nnt ade harimau yg terbaca tis post. menaning, im dead!

i dunno how can i do that! seriously..perasaan guilty sbb shoping dgn byk dtg for a while je. sehari dua...ma mind dh mula bertindak. "ala...dont think bout how much u hv spent. think bout what u hv got. what u ve bought..berbaloi kan??" and then...i will continue ma shopping! ahhhhhh!!!! pliz. safe me! mcm mane ni?advice plizzz....fariza! u seem so good in this.huhu~~

Thursday, October 16, 2008

kAWan OR... sahAbAt??

sumtimes..ive been thingking bout friends..kawan yg aku ade skunk, betol2 ikhlas ke nk befriend ngn aku?? boleh ke diorg stay wif me bila susah.bila senang. diorg trust x aku 100%?? diorg appreciate x ape yg ak dh buat..apa yg aku dh bg..apa yg aku dh korbankan? coz, me, i dunno wut people r saying, i think aku ni bukan la bagus sgt..but ive done ma bes in relationship. friendship especially. salah silap sikit2, xbleh la nk elak. kite human. not that perfect. tp dh takdir kan. we will never kno. kdg2 tuhan nk uji kite. tuhan nk tunjuk, yg die bukan kawan yg sepatutnya, yg suitable utk kite. yup, ak percaya itu. from situ, aku sgt careful in making frens, in choosing frens. so, get to know ma buddies..sahabat2 aku. ini sahabat2 aku yg aku pilih, dgn hati aku.

hum...bleh dikatakan, aku byk sgt pengalaman dgn manusia yg bergelar kawan. n manusia yg bergelar sahabat jugak.after all, wif things yg happened, i have ma own perception bout kawan and sahabat. klu dlu, aku easily make a fren as a buddy. zaman2 aku dulu...geng2 ni sgt popular. so i had 1. biase la, musuh utk sorg member, meaning musuh untuk semua members in d gang. yups! menyeksakan. tp diorg bkn sahabat aku. betol. tuhan tunjukkan. ak tinggal diorg. n mase tu, aku jumpe sahabat aku. akhirnya. NURUL NABISAH HJ MOHD. and ANIS ARZILALALA ARSHAD! hope korg bangga aku mention name ko as buddy aku.heh!

so, life moved on. we make new friends all d time.eventhough sbnrnye kite xperasan pn we r making new frens. but we r. meet a friend, FARIZA ZAINUL ABIDIN. i consider her as ma buddy, sahabat aku even aku rase, rite now, if die baca ma post, sure die wondering. how come?? kitorg xkarib sgt kot. rapat ye la. not sharing everything wif her like i shared wif cah. but i got ma own reasons, making her ma buddy. seriousla. stop thinking why fariza....haha!

next, aku further ma study. meet NURUL AIN MAZNI. yups. shes ma buddy too. real sahabat. tah. shes kind of understands me more than other peple kot. haha. me too. aku rase, aku phm die kot. yeke ain??shes wif me, mase susah n senang. masa sakit n sihat. masa aku perlukan die. eventhough baru 2 tahun lebih kitorg kawan..but, obviously org bleh nmpk, yg shes ma sahabat.
sedih sgt, nex sem kite dh xstudy sama2. 1st time ni.huhhu.. MIMI SHAREEZA SOHIMI. ni sorg lagi buddy yg sengal.ahaha!! hum, actually aku kenal die pn from 1 of ma exroomate. tah mcm mana la kitorg boleh got close together. die mcm ain. susah sng dgn aku. bukan hilang and senyap suddenly, bila aku ade mslh.

actually, im glad to hv em wif me. ak ade byk lg kawan2 yg sgt rapat dgn aku. rapat. maybe i need sumting yg betol2 bleh bwat aku rase, "ah! yeahhhh...ure ma buddy!" n aku jugak ade byk kawan yg sekarang bukan kawan aku lg. whether aku tinggal diorg, or diorg tinggal aku. ahaha!!why? sbb ketidakpercayaan, jealousy.. lost 1 las year.ntah la. thought die sgt trust aku, since ak dh kawan dgn die nk dkt 5-6 tahun. tp ape nk bwat kan. die dh xnak kawan dgn aku. sbb, xpyh la aku nk jelaskan.

aku, ikhlas kawan dgn semua org. ini sincere statement aku. kalau mulut aku kata tu kata ni. mmg mulut aku mcm ni. kalau aku byk sakitkan hati korg, sorry. sorry sgt.tp ape2 pn, korg stil kawan2 aku. carila aku bile korg ade mslh n rase aku boleh tolong korg. bile korg senang, nk igt aku, igt la, kalau xigt, memang nk kne blasah! hahha!! for everyone, thanx 4 being ma frens..
for sahabat2 aku, thanx 4 being here, right by ma side, eventhough kite jauh. thanx 4 every support,advice, prayer, n time untuk aku. aku appreciate korg. hope korg appreciate aku ek! (nt aku sorg2 je syok sendiri.huhuhu~~~)

hope our friendship will never ends.


Tuesday, October 14, 2008


dgn ain...kat dlm MENARA TAMING SARI! bes sgt!
aip, A Famosa!

posing chantek kat menara lagik!

bella...aini..and me in front of A Famosa..
view of muzium kapal from menara!

hahaha....rase nak upload all pics dlm ni.hah!
tapi cukup la kot sikit2 kan..
hum, tis is melaka!
for those yg haven't been here lagi.....
go and check it out!
utk aku, warganegara malaysia...melaka ni, dh 4-5 kali..
but, mcm mane melaka boleh terlintas kt kepala?
dunno..suddenly, rase nak visit sgt melaka!
so..las sunday, i went there wif ma 3 frens.
eventhough mase mmg terhad.
like i mentioned in last post,
tp xbleh! kne gak spent skit mase. sbb dh sgt teringin.
smpi mimpi2!hehe...
fun sgt! mcm xpenah pegi la melaka tuh!
cara we took all d pictures..like kitorang ni,
tourists yg dtg from zimbabwe...hahaha!!!
as usual..sure visit a famosa...muzium kapal..
byk....byk sgt! but d best part is Menara Taming Sari.
tis is new man..but best siot!
boleh view d whole melaka sambil pusing...
sgt perlu visit ok. dtg melaka, gi menara ni.
pastu, leh makan2 kat perkampungan tradisional..
huish..dh cm tourist guide dh.hikhikhik!
nk dtg lg melaka dlm mase terdekat ni!
ye la..kalau dlu...ikut lawatan skolah,
mane sempat nk visit betol2 all d places kann..
haha! puas hati. at least bleh jugak release tension b4 final!
kawan2...visit melaka keh!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


FARIZA : sorry sebab xde mase nk meet up..cuti ko 3 bulan. dhla ko once a year je
balik. tp aku xboleh nk spent a lil time pun nk jumpe ko. 3 bulan! even
aku balik kg, ak xboleh jgk nk meet up.

MIMI : sorry sebab xpenah jenguk ko lepas aku moved out. even ko br broke off,
tgh sedih, n perlukan sum1 utk sembang2..tp ak tetap xfree and dah byk
kali aku janji ngn ko..tp xpenah aku nk tunai. sibuk..ade kelas.. dgn
harapan ko understand coz we both face d same thing..sibuk ngn life
kat u.

RYIE N FAIZI : sorry sebab xpenah join ape2 event pn kat dectar tis sem.
sorry sebab selalu reject bile korg ajak lepak. alasan ak..busy..
midsem test la..lab report yg xsudah2 la.. klas smpi ptg la..
but semua tu true sgt. overall nye, i dun have much time to spent
ngn my frenz.time limited sgt. bkn korg je. ramai lg. even
wif my family pn.sorry sgt. korg la yg paling byk ak let down.

limited sgt time yg aku ade. kalau nk list down semua org.. maybe post ak 2day
won't be this short. i've let down byk org. maybe org tu xkisah pn..but aku KISAH!
sori....sori semua...truly..aku memang xcukup mase. 4 myself pn xde.. been bz dgn kelas..lab report..lab practical..revision.. all of this yg bwat aku sgt xde mase utk kwn2 aku. . aku xsengaja. i hv ma own reason,why ive been really focusing on my study.sorry kawan2.SORRY!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008


final nk dekat! so as usual...study till late nite.
bowsan r cmni.. dh bertahun2, n since a week b4 raya lagi cmni!
PENAT la weyh............ nk muntah r raser.. BWEK!!!!

bile life nk change ni hah?!
kan bes, if life changed everyday..
tiap2 ari bwat bnde lain! sure interesting!
xbowsan..xraser nk muntah!
i wish i can have that kind of life..
tp ade ke org yg berlife cmtu???

Monday, September 15, 2008


orang cakap lepas broke off..sure rase sunyi.
sbb pe sunyi??
sbb..dh xde org yg betol2 nk amek berat sal kite.
klu dlu, ive seen ma sis..
broke off dgn pnuh tragis nye.(jgn mare)
i was wondering. wut the heck yg die nk sedih sgt.
i mean she got job..she got her own assets..her own life.
move on la.1 day, die akn dtg balik kt kite ngn regret.
dulu..aku xpenah nk believe sume tu.
4 me..let bygone be bygone, move on, have a new life.
senang la klu ckp kan?

aku dh broke off lbey kurang 1year and 4 months.
well, ak n die actually got to know mase aku amek satu course.
he was in d same class.
haha...yg xpcaya nye, it was lasting 4 about 4 years.
kitorg xde la loving sgt klu nk compare with other couple.
jealousy xpnah terlitas kt kepala pun..
but i loved him soooo much.
its beyond my words.
sbb broke off...simple.
different beliefs,
different culture,
different thinking.
die xsanggup nk ubah hidup die.
so, 4 me..if i carried it on..
its 4 nothing.

bile dh break...yups! IT HURTS!
but i never showed my sadness to people.
so org igt...ak ni kuat, tekad, tough.
outside of me, i tried to laugh, to smile..
but inside..no one knows except Allah.
i kept tis to myself.
yup, mmg bg effect yg sgt besar to me.
i can't study.
i can't move on.
i can't have a new life.
i've tried. org ckp, klu time2 cmni,
kwn is d best cure. but 4 me, it nonsense.
family is d best cure. yup, its true!
but family will not always b with me.

but now..i've really moved on.
blum jmpe yg lain lg.
xsesuai kot..or sbnrnye dh rase serik.
serius. bile ade je yg approach..
a. my whole body starts shaking......
b. my heart pumping faster.....
c. mmg mamat tu kne gelak ngn aku.
(can't stop laughing)
so, mcm mane nk de bf br...
klu jumpe kwn lame..
sure tny "dh de bf??"
hampeh. no time for love bwat mase ni.
study is d most important thing!
grad, keje, kumpul duit byk2...chantekkan diri..
kawen ngn laki kaya raya!
eventhough ak teramatla sunyi...
but its ok. im fine with it.
bloggers....pray 4 my happiness and success..
thanx.... :)


Friday, July 25, 2008

another journey turns up!

new sem..new lecturers.. n again, d same members...
its juz goin 2 b tougher than before...

lots to play wif dna..plasmid..and all sorts of that.
sumtin that i would never imagine..
never tot to b a scientist..never EVER!

but..the longer ive been in tis field..i mean 'damn' science thing..
the more i feel my passion is really into music.
hah! of course got noting to do wif singing..
obviously, not my talent at all!
(showtimes are only in d toilet!haha!)

but life has to go on..
proceed wif wut im doin..
n try to grab wut i really wana do.
4 sure,no supportive thing from ma mom! (u knew it!)

tis another journey..hope it will b easier 4 me..
wif a little extra package, hope it will help me goin thru those things.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

urghhh...tis is wut i hate!

3rd may..juz finished ma final exam..
but i met wif an xcident tat day. injured la sket n yg penting..
ma sis meletopp..her car kann..d only asset tat she got.
3k for fixing tat lil greeny savvy...

1st June rumah kne pecah!
adess...always heard bout it..never tot to ever face tis situation at all...
but..how unlucky i was!
tah bangla ke.. indon mane tah yang xmalu masuk umah aku..
n curi brg2 dlm umah aku!
15-17k 4 d missing things..

can u imagine, even a bday mug..present from ma fren pn die amek.
sure nk bukak kedai runcit tapi xcukup modal!hahh!
n d most precious thing 4 me..
bracelet yg ma cousin gave to me.
brg2 ma bro jgn cakapla.. lcd worth 5k dia angkut..
n even xbox pn..

2 days after dat..trus me,ma bro n ma sis moved in to a new house..
a condo with a strict security guard..near sg buloh.
costs us 3k-4k to really move out completely..

i was very excited to start d break actually..
after all d hardwork n no social thing i did along the sem..
(except 4 d art festival..haha)
n for tis 2 months break..
things happened 2 me.. really made a change.
change to ma life..maself..ma family.. ma mind..
a change, but in every way!

tis new sem, new life, new me.
really mish ma frens..
thanx 2 them.. their supports really make a sense..
really help me in many ways..

to ayie,faizi,anis,cah,ain, mimi.....
millions thanx 2 u guys!
frenship 4eva!

Saturday, May 31, 2008

yeahh rriite....

i wonder y people luv blogging..n among ma friends, sem break=enjoy writing blogs!
n i...never thought i can have one! ahah! i hate 2 write, i hate 2 think when im writing n i even hate people's impression bout ma blog..poyo la..gewdix..biase la.. manusia=negative thinking..

then, what made me to have a blog?haha!
fariza wanted 2 read ma blog last nite.well, she's 1 of ma friend..
i said i don have any! then she gave sum thoughts n it opened ma mind..

so...tarrraaaaaa....tis is ma blog!ngee~

so..frens..do read ma blog..
really welcome any constructive critics..
n..kutuk la kalau nk kutuk sgt kann..