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Friday, July 25, 2008

another journey turns up!

new sem..new lecturers.. n again, d same members...
its juz goin 2 b tougher than before...

lots to play wif dna..plasmid..and all sorts of that.
sumtin that i would never imagine..
never tot to b a scientist..never EVER!

but..the longer ive been in tis field..i mean 'damn' science thing..
the more i feel my passion is really into music.
hah! of course got noting to do wif singing..
obviously, not my talent at all!
(showtimes are only in d toilet!haha!)

but life has to go on..
proceed wif wut im doin..
n try to grab wut i really wana do.
4 sure,no supportive thing from ma mom! (u knew it!)

tis another journey..hope it will b easier 4 me..
wif a little extra package, hope it will help me goin thru those things.

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