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Monday, September 15, 2008


orang cakap lepas broke off..sure rase sunyi.
sbb pe sunyi??
sbb..dh xde org yg betol2 nk amek berat sal kite.
klu dlu, ive seen ma sis..
broke off dgn pnuh tragis nye.(jgn mare)
i was wondering. wut the heck yg die nk sedih sgt.
i mean she got job..she got her own assets..her own life.
move on la.1 day, die akn dtg balik kt kite ngn regret.
dulu..aku xpenah nk believe sume tu.
4 me..let bygone be bygone, move on, have a new life.
senang la klu ckp kan?

aku dh broke off lbey kurang 1year and 4 months.
well, ak n die actually got to know mase aku amek satu course.
he was in d same class.
haha...yg xpcaya nye, it was lasting 4 about 4 years.
kitorg xde la loving sgt klu nk compare with other couple.
jealousy xpnah terlitas kt kepala pun..
but i loved him soooo much.
its beyond my words.
sbb broke off...simple.
different beliefs,
different culture,
different thinking.
die xsanggup nk ubah hidup die.
so, 4 me..if i carried it on..
its 4 nothing.

bile dh break...yups! IT HURTS!
but i never showed my sadness to people.
so org igt...ak ni kuat, tekad, tough.
outside of me, i tried to laugh, to smile..
but inside..no one knows except Allah.
i kept tis to myself.
yup, mmg bg effect yg sgt besar to me.
i can't study.
i can't move on.
i can't have a new life.
i've tried. org ckp, klu time2 cmni,
kwn is d best cure. but 4 me, it nonsense.
family is d best cure. yup, its true!
but family will not always b with me.

but now..i've really moved on.
blum jmpe yg lain lg.
xsesuai kot..or sbnrnye dh rase serik.
serius. bile ade je yg approach..
a. my whole body starts shaking......
b. my heart pumping faster.....
c. mmg mamat tu kne gelak ngn aku.
(can't stop laughing)
so, mcm mane nk de bf br...
klu jumpe kwn lame..
sure tny "dh de bf??"
hampeh. no time for love bwat mase ni.
study is d most important thing!
grad, keje, kumpul duit byk2...chantekkan diri..
kawen ngn laki kaya raya!
eventhough ak teramatla sunyi...
but its ok. im fine with it.
bloggers....pray 4 my happiness and success..
thanx.... :)



Mimi Shareeza said...

ang ni x bis nak kawen laki kaya..hhahahaa
mmg sunyi larr mia...
rajin2 larrr drop cmmt kat blog aku.

Anonymous said...

setuju! buat mse skrg x paya nk pening2 pk nk bf2 nih. buat kusut je. huh!

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