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Monday, November 24, 2008

dAnieLLa aLIsya....

ooo..i hate my lappy. i couldnt upload any of my photos and and its juz make me damn mad!!! haha!today, ak curik2 gne my bro pny laptop..n upload all pics. kire mcm lpas geram la kan.ngee~~i adopted a cat last 2 weeks..we named her alisya..oo i kno it doesn't make sense..ltak nama manusia kt kucing..but its wut my sis wanted to..daniella alisya is d name for her daughter to be..dh xsaba sgt kot..so she decided to give it to d cat. i'll show u guys some pics of her keh.

i lurrrvvv my cat! at least i got sum1 waiting 4 me to come home. well, finally i got a cat lepas puas memujuk sis aku. luv u alisya!


F.Z.A. said...

eeeee...sgt comelllll! geramnye tengok!

MIAhaha said...

semakin nakal skrg..
rase nk makan daging die!

F.Z.A. said...

oit gile ke ape nak mkn kucing sendiri??? ish2. wei update la. dah 2 weeks ko tak update..

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