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Sunday, October 19, 2008

sHoppIn Is kiLlin' mE!

ats sum reasonable reason. aku a lil bit "mewah"...compared to others. if not, time2 cmni, mmg kne puase. ptptn will never enough for ma life along d semester...serious. bukan aku je k. mane cukup! i go shopping. luv to shop! byk kali plak tu!so now, thats how it relates. mewah....plus suke shopping.... ah, perasaan yg sgt bagus!

Fariza said, shopping is d best therapy! yup! agree! hehe....but she can lock herself in her room and save up after spending lotz. me? i cant!!!! now thats d prob! i'll keep maself shopping all d time. meaning all d time man... awal bulan. middle ke, hujung bulan ke..tp bukan sengaja. mmg..niat nk save lpas shopping yg terlalu byk. tp after some days..went out and beli lagi! beli lagi! beli lagi! and tis is killin me!

las friday, went out by maself. to d curve. bli, jeans...shirts..
hehe..byk lg sbnrnye. tp xbrani nk list out. censored sket. takut nnt ade harimau yg terbaca tis post. menaning, im dead!

i dunno how can i do that! seriously..perasaan guilty sbb shoping dgn byk dtg for a while je. sehari dua...ma mind dh mula bertindak. "ala...dont think bout how much u hv spent. think bout what u hv got. what u ve bought..berbaloi kan??" and then...i will continue ma shopping! ahhhhhh!!!! pliz. safe me! mcm mane ni?advice plizzz....fariza! u seem so good in this.huhu~~


F.Z.A. said...

hey simpan duit! jgn kluarkan duit dari bank. ish2..jgn shopping dah. stop dulu ye.

MIAhaha said...

xtaw cmne nk bwat dh!

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