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Sunday, October 26, 2008

fAculty oF mINd...

i was too obedient. i followed wut my mom wanted me to be. well, i would like to be a journalist. that was my ambition. my dream. and it still be my dream. until now. kadang2 terkilan jugak. frust sgt, bila terfikir balik. when i told tis story to my frens, they would say " knapa x go on je? knapa ikut sgt mak ko?"

hum, it wasn't easy actually. tp aku understand why people are sayin it. recently, aku chatting wif 1 old friend. shes kinda good friend to me before. when i still studying kt badlishah.haha! i think u guys can guess it. hum..she is a masscomm student. a senior year student. goin to be a journalist in a short time. i dun care bout it. its her luck.

but wut i coudn't stand is, die brag. brag yg bukan2 plak tu.

sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:10): ha jap nk gtau
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:12): ahad hari tu aku gi melodi
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:21): jumpa fara fauzana,wahid and nabil
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:32): masa tgh on air tu kitorang ade
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:45): bes wo
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:46): hehe
sya_babygurl (21/10/2008 22:01:54): ni yg bestnya jadi masscommers

ok..perlu ke untuk ckp besar cmtu?? 4 syariza..if u didn't mean to say that..its ok. cuma ak sikit tersinggung..i've been thinking bout ur words for days..i try to convince maself. "oo..she didn't mean it..yeah..she didn't!".ko buat mass comm..and aku buat biochemistry. its our own way.my brain, ur brain..those are different.u dont have to brag like that. n my mind kept wondering why would u do like that.i never do it to others coz i thought, im not the greatest one. ade yg fly smpi ke russia..england..studying medical..all sorts of that..they never mention.

fyi, ive met alot of artists. more than wahid, fafau, nabil.. since sis aku, is a journalist.so, ak xnk ckp besar.malas. sorry syariza. u r my fren. u r "sejahtera".whom i love all d time.hope u didn't change.it just that, aku sikit terasa n tersinggung. kite ikut jalan kita, face our own life. thats it. ak redha, ak xdpt capai my dream. but im happy now.eventhough the frustated is still there, but im happy dgn the way i am.happy dgn wut im having rite now.

~malayneum by butterfingers~

"experiment a little bit

ur blood is red mine is too

ur brain is cornybut mine is worthy

just deal with it right away

deal with it the right way "

~peace no war~



F.Z.A. said...

you should feel good about yourself. biochem is a good course. not everyone would be able to handle it. jgn sedih2 ye=)

MIAhaha said...

ak xsedih!hehe.. ^_^
thanx fariza.."damai"..

F.Z.A. said...

update laaaa

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