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Sunday, May 24, 2009

a working life...

tis is where i work.
but speficically, im in laboratory department.
hehe..its juz a small room..
smaller then DK130BB in FST.
haha haha haha!
Sunway Medical Centre, Subang Jaya.
gonna spend tis 2 months there.
1st 2 week of working,
i was in haematology department.
sumting to do wif blood..n a lil bit of urine.
it was sooooo boring.
as they can never giv me anything to do.
afraid that im gonna do mistake.
its a private hospital.
everything has 2 b perfect.
as they wanna maintain their reputation.
start working at 830.
keep looking at the clock.
bile laaa nk pukol 5.30 ni.
time passed so slow..
day by day..
its getting interesting..
kak sapiah, d hod..
she taught me all those things in dat department.
she allowed me to do ESR.
Erithrocyte sedimentation rate measurement.
also dengue tests.
i did sum filing works also.
mismatched d patients' forms wif d result printed..
but yeeah..klu byk sample..ok la.
klu xde sample..mmg bosan.
slalunyer..when its near to 3pm..
dh mmg jarang ade sample.
tomoro..i'll be in chemistry department.
gonna do g6pd test..n so on.
looking 4ward.
hopefully xsusah nk cope..
n hopefully d people there gonna b nice.
6 weeks left.
dh xlame.
saba mia..saba...
cz i miss d life of student.
rase nk study smpi biler2.
sbb working life is tiring.
eventhough xbwat ape2 pn.
duduk meleperkan punggung (pnat sayas..)
tp bile blk rumah, surely tired ggler.
to fariza..tis is my update.hehe!
actually, tis is only a piece of my experience.
working in 2 weeks. :p
gonna write again after 2 weeks.


F.Z.A. said...

wey...sounds interesting to me!!! nak keje cam ko jugakkk. hehe. tp tu la..kena sanggup keje 8-5 kan. malas betol aku. ekeke

MIAhaha said...

nak ko ckp????????
haaaaaaaaaaa...cmne ni.
lg 6 minggu..ak dh muak!
meh la fariza...gntikan aku..huhu~

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