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Thursday, May 7, 2009

i miss em!

tis post shows how bored i am.
start to miss my friend.
start to appreciate.
how lucky i am 2 hv a kampung.
2 hv a place 4 me to go back..
to visit..when there is break.
tis break, im not goin back.
since my practical starts on 11th.
watchin my friends leavin me..
sendin them to stations..
sayin them gudbye..
hug them..b4 they're leavin..
its kinda makin me sad.
to be honest, i start to miss them already.
2months gona b a looong time.
witout seeing each other,
july must be an awaiting month for us.
i guess.duhh~~haha!
tis sem is d bes sem ive ever had.
d things dat all biochemists and i went through.
sumhow make me wonder.
how happy i am being one of em.
2 all 2nd year bichemistry students..
gudluck for ur industrial training.
tis is d time where we can show to em how gud we r.
see u guys in july..
DONT MISH ME! haha~ggler~


1 comment:

NiryAyriN said...

dont mish me too...guguler.. a.k.a gule-gule..

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