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Saturday, March 7, 2009


while fariza is having a hard time missing sumone....
im having a damn time doing midterm tests..hehe..
juz finished 4 papers..n d las one wil be tis sunday...
hell biometry and experimental design paper.
my lecturer ckp die dh book d venue earlier..tp suddenly ckp xde tpt nk bwat.
n sunday hari final utk bwat midterm test. wtf man..
sorry dr fazly. its ur fault.
n i dun understand even a single word u were talking bout kt depan tuh.huh..
so, tis saturday..im struggling by myself to get sumthing valuable from ur lecture notes, dr.

n, ur damn excel assignment..."really help" us..yarrrrite...
wish me luck, friends!
-study mode-


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F.Z.A. said...

perlu ke mention nama aku kat atas tuuuu? adeyh. haha

hopefully everything went well!! aku pun tgh exams and ade presentation. busy seyh. btw, kiteorg contact cam biase balik. will tell u bila aku online nnti..hehe. miss u!

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