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Saturday, October 3, 2009

<3 A.C.E.R <3

we will never know wats gonna happen in d future. get through it, then we'll know wat had happened and soon after that, d reason it happened is finally reveal.

i never like d place i did my internship. NEVER EVER. i never tot of cuming back. for not being jobless after grad i mean. but its ok to visit.juz did dat yesterday.

well dats wat i was thinking last 3 months. but today, d reason finally got through my mind, my heart.deep inside. i got 4 gurls different ages,different races, different cultures. yea we might be diff in every way. but we believe in one. WE LOVE EACH OTHER.

d one dat i call mommy. Ms Amelia Loh. 27. frankly to say..shes d most understanding person ive ever met. i like when she starts to nag. n miraculously, i listen to wat she said.seatbelt.no "f" word. drive safely. n yea. im now a better driver.haha. Ms. Collin Lee. 24. mommy after mommy.hehe.shes d cutest. she will listen til i finish my words.if theres sumtin i did hurts her, she wont fight wif words, but wif emotions. quiet. but we realize it few weeks b4 i ended my internship. Ms Nirupa. 23. once she laughs, she wont stop. very comitted . lovely caring polite. n lastly, Ms Esther Tang. 22. she said i am her closest malay friend. n we most of d time having kinda same similar probs. yea. words bloom from 4 months friendship. hope its gonna b forever. cz i m about to needthem for dat long.

so, thanks to god. n thanks to sunway medical for meeting me wif them. i love u guys.

recently, fb friend list juz attracted me to click on it. sumone deleted me from her fb. made me wonder. wut i did wrong. i knew her from a close friend of mine. but we use to eat together during recess time back at school. few times. its not dat i simply added her as friend in fb as soon as i read her profile stated " Education : SMK Sultan Badlishah". i mean. i know her.really.

my point is. friends come n go. i will definitely luv new friends. but i wont hate friends who went off saying nothing. friends are friends. to A.C.E.R, tis friendship, i will take extra care of it. cz i want it to b long lasting.i mean it.

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