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Friday, January 15, 2010

towards the end

pejam celik pejam celik...
im completing my degree soon!
happy ade...n sedih pon ade.
if dulu.....rase mcm i want to end tis thing cepat2!
bencinye bwt degree. bencinye dok ukm.
but anything cn happen kan?
time pass by, i met all kind of people.
dlu..kwn ngn sorg tu je. idop xbekembang langsung dol!
tiap2 ari jumpe org yg same. bosan!
mane x gado?!
lame2...jumpe org laen. jumpe org laen kepade org laen.
dari benci jadi suke..
now..pegi kelas jumpe org yg berlainan.haha!
dh xbosan. suke.
do things tgether..
spend time together..
sedih suddenly dtg.rse mcm xnak grad pon ade.
after tis..sume bwk haluan masing2..
menyesal pon ade. i was so reserve at 1st.
bukan sombong. needed time to adapt.
problems caused me to be so. sorry friends!
we wasted our time.
but lets not think bout what had passed.
lets do d best in future. while we still hv our time.

i know. laaame sgt xupdate blog.
i got no nuffnang thingy here.
n i got oni 3 followers to read tis busuk2 blog.
sorry for those 3.ahaha!
love? hahahahaha..lets juz put a comma for tis moment.
bukan time la rasenye.

studies? i think im doing great.so farrr so goooood.
thesis is almost accomplish.
yerp. doin thesis now. jz a lil final project.
requires me to do sum research.
we'll talk bout it in sum other time.
in a longer post.

so..live update? mcm facebook la pulakkk..
br balek from kampus. clbrate bday bibit yg ke 22!
happy bday to u...
happy bday to u..
happy bday to bibit...
happy bday to u~~~
so as a programme runner...
rse2nye sumenye berjalan lncar diakhiri dgn mandian tepong dan lulur telor!

i'll update soon k!
nyte folks!


Norlin Sabuti said...

mekaseh cik mia khairani!!!
syg ko..

MIAhaha said...

syg ko jugak!

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